How to use L2P digital logbook; a guide for learner drivers

Hey there ! Welcome to L2P!

L2P is your RMS & Service NSW approved Digital Learner Logbook. Roads and Maritime Services and Service NSW recognises hours recorded in L2P.

Download the L2P Learner logbook app for your iPhone or Android phone and register as a learner with your license details.

Once your account is confirmed, make sure you add your car and your supervisor as well.

Your supervisor must also have the L2P app installed on their phone. Once your supervisor downloads and activates L2P app on their phone, you can add them by their license number to your “My supervisors” tab on your app.

If you will be driving your supervisor’s car, make sure your supervisor adds their car to their profile. If you will be driving your own car, make sure you add your car to your profile under “My cars” section of the L2P app.
To start a driving session with your supervisor, make sure you and your supervisor open your L2P apps and from the app, choose your supervisor, then choose the car you wish to drive and enter the car’s odometer details and submit it for your supervisor’s approval.

Your supervisor will receive a message on their L2P logbook app and once they confirm, your session will start.

At the end of your driving session, you will be ending the session on the L2P learner logbook app. You will then need to confirm the session time and enter the odometer value, road, and weather and traffic conditions as well as choose the learning goal accomplished during the session and submit this for your driving supervisor’s approval.

Your supervisor will receive this session report with the details you entered on their app screen and once they approve, your driving session will be recorded and you will be able to see this in your Completed sessions tab.
If you have any questions, you can always go to the Help section of our app and browse through frequently asked questions or talk to us through live chat at !

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